Alpha Pigments FAQs

Drop-In Pigments

Absolutely! Mixing pearls, pearl enhancers, or drop in pigments together can create awesome custom colors!
We HIGHLY reccomend testing small scale prior to using on a large project though as some colors do not work well together.

*Mixing 2 colorshifting pigments from oposite ends of the color spectrums can cancel each other out and create a "muddy" effect*

Yes! All of our pearl pigments are cosmetic grade. Our microflakes and liquid pigments ARE NOT COSMETIC GRADE.

This depends on your project and use case. Please check our "Mixing & Uses" tab on the product page of which ever pigment you are using.

Removable Automotive Paint Coatings, Automotive Traditianal Paint Coatings, Masterbatch pigmentation, Cosmetics, Plastic and rubber manufacturing, leather manufacturing, Screen Printing and Offset Printing, Architectural Coatings and much, much more.

Our Pearl Enchancers come in 187 colors, ranging from vibrant Green Beige, Colza Yellow, to the classy Jet Black, and Platinum Grey.
Please browse through our RAL Drop-In Products to check all available colors.

Though our pigments looks good in any type of finishes, they are best in either Gloss, Matte, Satin, or Frosted finish

Pearl Enhancers

This is a translucent pigment that comes in various colors fomulated to offer some of the deepest most custom colors possible. Pearl enhancers are designed to be mixed with our Alpha Pearls to create deep, vibrant, custom colors!

Our Pearl Enchancers come in 4 colors
-Yellow Pearl Enhancer
-Red Pearl Enhancer
-Green Pearl Enhancer
-Blue Pearl Enhancer


Micro Flake (MF) is a fine Hex cut flake at 0.2mm. MF can be sprayed out of a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun, conventional spray gun with a 1.3 nozzle setup or larger, and an Airbrush with a .35mm nozzle or larger.
MicroFlakes are a perfect way to accent a base color, pearl or colorshift finish.

Micro flakes / Metal flakes tend to cause texture. Topcoating and sometimes wetsanding & buffing is required.
We also always recommend microflakes to be glossed to get the full effect!

Custom Colors

A Colorshift, or Optically Variable, pearl changes color and hue based on viewing angle of the surface or medium it is in. They create vivid metallic effects just like a "chameleon" or "chrome illusion" paint job.

Any Questions?

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You can also use our OEM Inquiry Page for questions relating to custom colors