The Step by Step Guide To Painting A Car

  1. Follow the directions in the videos above to complete your prep, body work, primer, and sanding
  2. Block sand your exterior panels with 320 grit sand paper & scuff your door jambs, engine bay, intricate areas with a red scuff pad
  3. Blow off all dust (outside - NOT in your paint area) & wipe down with a wax & grease remover like our HR397
  4. If applicable: Complete steps 5-12 on your door jambs & engine bay. Wait 24hrs before moving on to the exterior. 
  5. Re-Mask to paint the exterior of the project in your paint area & wipe down with a final wipe like our HR398.
  6. Mix & spray (1) medium wet coat of Forever Seal over the clean , sanded / scuffed surface.
  7. After the Forever Seal is 100% dry to the touch (no wet areas anywhere) , wait at least 1 hour before proceeding
  8. Mix & spray your basecoat directly over the Forever Seal (Most colors require 2-4 coats for coverage/effect)
  9. Wait until the basecoat is flashed/dry before recoating. 
  10. After the final base coat is 100% dry to the touch (no wet areas anywhere) , wait 45 mins before proceeding.
  11. Mix & Spray 2-3 coats of HC4100 directly over the basecoat. Recoat when the previous coat is stringy when touched. * Check on your over sprayed masking *
  12. Let cure 12 hours in a warm (70°F+) ventilated area (keep fan on to evacuate all solvents)
  13. If wet sanding and buffing - leave masked for that process. Otherwise, unmask & assemble!
  14. 🥳 Now Go Enjoy Your Paint Job!🎨