Painting a Vehicle as a DIY Customer

Using TSS' Car Paint Kits

👇Not sure what Car Paint Kit You Need? Watch These Videos👇

What to expect when purchasing a TSS Car Paint Kit

In this video Tommy (TSS' owner) talks with Motorhead Garage on MotorTrend about all of the key benefits of our complete car kits! After you choose the color you want to paint your project, you just need to answer 4 easy questions and we handle the rest!

Kits for any project size: Motorcycles, Coupes, Sedans, SUVs, and even trucks!

Kits for an project type: Metal up restoration, projects that need light body work, or even scuff & shoots!

What Size Kit Should I Choose?

Not sure exactly what size you need for your project? Tommy answers some questions about this and we have a easy to follow guide below!

Still not sure? Its always better to size UP! More product guarantees you will have more than enough to complete the project which is MUCH better than running out before completing the job.

What "Project Type" do I choose?

In this video we go over the different type of projects and the different components and steps needed for each. No matter the scope of your project - we have a kit for you! Here are some explanations of the terms used when talking about project types.

Metal Up: This is a project that is being stripped to bare metal and being restored all the way up.

Light Body Work: This is a project that overall is in good shape but will need to do some body work so you'll need to spot prime those areas before painting the vehicle.

Scuff & Shoot: This is a project that is in mint condition and doesn't need body work before you are ready to paint it. This is usually newer vehicles OR budget/quick projects that you don't care about spraying over the current condition. The current finish will just get "scuffed" and then painted.

What's being Painted?

In this video we also go over what each term means when we ask " What's Being Painted". Lets go over some of the terms used to make sure you fully understand the options!

Full Color Change: Meaning you are changing the entire color of your vehicle's exterior, door jambs, engine bay, etc.

Exterior Panels Only: Meaning you are ONLY painting the exterior. NOT the door jambs, engine bay, etc.

Why does temperature matter?

The temperature you choose for your Car Paint Kit is actually really important! Most people who are not a professional painter has no idea that the speed/temperature of your hardeners, reducers, and clearcoats are make or break for your projects longevity & final finish. That being said, DON'T WORRY! We have your back! Just choose the approximate temperature you plan to be painting in! This means - think about when and where you plan to be spraying. What time of year, what time of day, the building/structure you plan to paint in, etc. 


Still more questions? Or not sure what else you need?

Finish watching our video to the left for a few items you may also need to get from us to make sure you have everything needed! If you need to reach out - our chat is on the bottom right of this page or call/ text us at 508-316-9868.

On our basecoat's product pages , we offer sample sizes so you can do spray outs and see the color in person BEFORE making the big decision of buying a complete vehicle kit!

Want to see the color in person before committing?

It's important to see a sprayed out sample of the chosen color BEFORE deciding to purchase a complete Car Paint Kit for your project. Our photos and videos do a good job portraying our colors BUT seeing them in person, under different lighting and angles will make you 100% sure you are ready to paint your project this color!