Painting A Vehicle - Tips & Tricks

Here is a MUST READ page before starting your next paint job. There are some tips, tricks, mix ratios , and spray gun settings to help you make your project as easy and fun as possible! At the bottom of this page there are videos about each included product to help explain each products use case.

Product Name

Mix Ratio

Tech Tips

HP-660 Series

DTA Epoxy Primer



HP-660 : HH660C

-Spray 1-2 medium wet coats

-use a 1.4 needle set at about 25-30 psi

-DON’T use metal prep

HP-5300 Series 

DTM Primer

(5310, 5311, 5312)


HP-5300 : HH-3100

*Can reduce with HR1300 Series Reducer*

-Spray 2-4 Coats

-use a 2.5 needle set at about 20-25psi

-Can Reduce w/ HR1300

-Medium build mix4:1:1

Forever Seal

HP-3500 Series

(Black, White,

Gray, or Clear)


Forever Seal : HR-1300

* 4:1:2 If Tints Are Supplied for tinted sealer*

-Spray 1-2 medium wet coats

-use a 1.4 needle set at about 30 psi

-Can denib with 600 grit before basecoat

Alpha & Tamco


(Custom Colors, Midcoats, & Candy Pearls)


Basecoat : HR1300 : HH57


1qt BC : 1qt HR1300 : 2oz HH57

-Final coat should be a “control coat”

-use a 1.4 needle set at about 25 psi

-Can denib with 600 (will need to clean and recoat) 

-Don’t add activated paint back into the can

2k Candies

All Colors


2k Candy : HH7600 Series Hardener 

(7603, 7605, 7607)

-Spray using a clearcoat style spray gun with a 1.3 or 1.4 needle

-spray at 30-35 psi

-Best to spray the vehicle when together

-Walk the length of the entire project. DO NOT STOP MID PANEL

-Overlap 50-75% each coat

-Medium Wet coats - not too heavy or too light

HC-4100 or HC-4105

Glamour Clearcoats

HC4105 is ONLY included in all kits that are 90+ Degrees.


Hc4100/HC4105 : HH7600 Series Hardener 

(7603, 7605, 7607)

-Spray 2-4 wet coats

-use a 1.3 needle set at about 35-45 psi

-Recoat once the previous coat is “stringy” when you touch the masking

Product Videos Explaining Each Component