Tamco FAQ


It takes almost a 50/50 mix of clear and flattening agent to create a flat look in Tamco.

Mix 1-2 ounces per every 32 ounces of paint. Universal Urethane Flex Additive is not recommended for use with non-urethane products.

Pot life extender is 1/4 oz (cap full) per ready to spray quart of catalyzed Tamco product. This unique product blocks the hardener from working until all solvent is out. It does NOT affect CURE TIME!!

Use in very hot weather to slow down curing time to prevent solvent popping.

USE ONLY in URETHANE products. Not Basecoat or epoxies.

We would recommend using HR900 in 90+ degree weather when you're doing a all over.

Accelerator is 1 to 2 ounces per ready to spray quart of catalyzed Tamco products. Used mainly when weather is cooler. Use only in 2K urethanes. Not epoxies or basecoat. Overuse can cause solvent pop and loss of gloss as well as orange peel.

Use only in the cold. Not Designed for use in warm temperatures.

Use in very hot weather, or for color blending.

Mix up to 1/2 oz. of HP-1010 to 1 quart of Ready-to-Spray material. DO NOT USE IN
PRIMER OR BASECOAT, unless you add it through every topcoat or clear-coat going over coatings
that contain fisheye. Doing so will increase fisheyes in the top coats.

Use when you see signs of fisheye.

Adhesion Promoter

On plastics, bumpers, when you need to recoat. Our Top Dawg is a must for every use. We highly recommend you read the TDS sheet for all of the uses of this 1 of a kind product.

No mixing required. Use HP-2010 straight out of your gun.

In the normal refinish industry this product can be used on raw plastics such as bumpers before applying primers or top coats. Another use is in door jambs. Once properly cleaned our adhesion promoter can be sprayed and topcoated in jambs without sanding or used on any other hard to reach ares without the risk of delamination.

Click HERE to go to the Tamco Paint Adhesion Promoter Technical Data Sheets.

Single Stages

AG Series High Gloss Polyurethane Single Stage comes in AG-900 Jet Black, AG-901 Bright White, and AG-902 Bright Red.

The mix ratios for the AG Series High Gloss Polyurethane Single Stage are as follows:

4:1 with HH76XX hardeners NO REDUCTION needed.

Chassis Black 4:1 Single Stage
is 4:1 2K DIRECT TO METAL and DIRECT TO RUST Urethane Chassis Paint. Excellent adhesion to metals, plastics and painted surfaces. Easy sand.

The mix ratios for the AG Underhood Satin Black are as follows:

Mix 4:1 with HH76XX hardeners

Duraflint I Single Stage Series comes in HC-9044 Jet Black, HC-9041 Bright White, HC-9042 Bright Red, and HC-9040 Clear.

Duraflint II Single Stage Series comes in Duraflint II Jet Black, Duraflint II Bright White, and Duraflint II Bright Red

The mix ratios for the Classic Black Matte Single Stage are as follows:

Mix 4:1 with HH76XX hardeners

Custom Colors

- All In Sinister Triple Reboot Series
- Blazin Blue
- Bling Me The Horizon
- Blizzard of Ozz White Pearl Series
- Blood Diamond Metallic
- Blue Nitrous
- Bluetiful Metallic
- Butterscotch Shnapps Pearl
- Caribbean Current Pearl
- Cherry Bomb 2.0
- Copperhead Metallic
- Courage Red
- Dirtbag Brown
- Drag N Green Metallic
- Egyptain Gold
- Freedom Blue
- Golden Pearl
- Goldmember Metallic
- Gunmetal Pearl
- Inerbalactic
- Ivory Pearl
- Liberty Blue
- Liquid Lavender Series
- Murdered Out Black
- Nielsen Monarch Orange
- Nuclear Sunset Pearl
- Piss Off Pink Pearl
- Pretty In Pink Pearl
- Primetime Lime
- Purple Passion Pearl
- Purple Pop Pearl
- Rock-It-Red
- Ron Burgundy Pearl
- Rose Gold Metallic
- Sangria
- Secret Silver Metallic
- Shamrock Green
- Shocktop Orange
- Slick Silver Metallic
- Smoke Metallic
- Stars & Stripes White Pearl
- Stellar Series
- Sublime Green Pearl
- Sunsation Yellow Pearl
- Tamgerine Pearl
- That B!tch Orange
- Total Grapeness
- Toxic Sunburst
- Toxicity
- Violent Violette
- You Cant Sit With Us Pink Metallic
- Yuengling Green Pearl

The mix ratios for the Tamco Custom Colors are as follows:

1:1 with HR reducers. HR-1360 Fast, 1370 Standard, 1380 slow, in very hot weather overall painting 1390.


Tamco products are formulated using Tamco reducers. Using non Tamco reducers can lead to accelerated dry times that cause pour sprayability and loss of gloss.

NO! This is a big misunderstanding. The only difference between fast hardener and slow hardeners id the solvents used to make them. Fast hardeners use fast evaporating solvents, slow hardeners use slow evaporating solvents. The only 2 items that affect actual cure time is HP1001 accelerator which speeds up cure time (NOT to be used in HC-9500 or HC9040) and POTLIFE extender which retards the cure time. Honestly using HH-7605 in all conditions except very cool conditions will have very little difference in our products, then if you used HH7607. The solvents in the "A" side are already slow. NEVER use HH-7607 in HC-9500

Yes, but beware, it can also cause the metallics to move! Causing streaking or mottling.

Depends on size of the job and temperatures. Generally HR 1370 is for 65-70F. HR 1380 is for 80-90 degrees and HR 1390 is for over 90 degrees. REFER to our guide on what temperature reducers should you use for the job.

In short NO! Our reducers are not just urethane grade, but catalyst grade. We have less than 150 ppm of water in our system. Tamco is a true acyrlic system and water is the enemy in our paints. Our reducers are cost effective and guaranteed to work in our products.


HR-397 is VERY strong and will wipe of any lacquer or fresh paints. It is a pre-cleaner. All final cleaning should be done with HR-398 FINAL WIPE, which also contains IPA alcohol to help de-static the surface to be painted

HR-398 uses 25% IPA and also acts as an anti-static remover making it great for prepping plastic bumpers or any other plastic panels. Another benefit is after taping up a vehicle or in between art work it isn't uncommon to touch the substrate which can introduce contaminants.

It is a slow solvent.

HR397 is solvent based while 397W is a water-based ZERO VOC cleaner.

HR-397 Waterborne provides a powerful, aggressive degreasing action that avoids any attack on existing paint films. Excellent anti-static properties for the effective removal of surface static built up during the preparation stages prior to over coating.


OG Red
Emerald City
Teal Time
SoCal Blue
Punk Rock Pink
Black Metal

Minimum of 2 Candy concentrates to spray the exterior of a vehicle. 3 is needed on average. It’s wise to have 4 candy concentrates for complete color changes and larger vehicles.

As a basecoat mix: 5 parts HC-895 to 1 part candy concentrate. Then stir and reduce this mix 1:1 with HR-1370 or HR-1380. As a clearcoat mix: 8 parts CC-3000 to 1 part candy concentrate. Then stir and activate this mix 4:1 with 76xx series hardener.

Candy Concentrate has to be mixed with HC-895 as a basecoat application or CC-3000 as a clearcoat application. Candy basecoat is a basecoat mix that has candy concentrate already added to the mix.

For the best look, use black basecoat under Candy Pearl Basecoats. Tamco's "Murdered Out Black" is a great option.

Tamco Candy Pearl Basecoat are all Basecoats mixed 1:1 with Tamco HR series reducer.

2K Candy is ready to go with the concentrare already in it. Its prepackakged for you. It is mixed 4:1 with HH76XX series hardener. The hardener comes with the kit. Just choose the temperature!

This is preference. Most photos you see are under our "Slick Silver - Course- basecoat. Check back soon to see these under 5 other Tamco Bases!!

2K Candies are mixed 4:1 with the 8 oz of HH7607 hardener that comes in the kit.


HC4100 is a 4:1 Mix while HC2100 is a 2:1 Mix - Both are ready to spray no reduction needed. Both are med-high solids.

HC4100 is an air dry clear for normal weather conditions between 65-95 degrees; HC4105 is for temperatures above 90F or for baking.

HC2104 is an air dry clear for normal weather conditions between 65-95 degrees; HC2105 is for temperatures above 90F or for baking.

HC-2104 needs 10% reduction with HR-1370 or HR-1380 or HR1390 for proper application. You’ll over apply HC-2104 without reducing. Optional 15% - 20% reduction for “flow coat” or lack of adequate air volume.

Use these links to get to our TDS pages.


The 5300 Series primer comes in Black, White, and Gray.

The 5300 Series Primer can go over the following surfaces:

-Properly prepped bare metal (except stainless)
-Properly prepped rust (Has rust enhibitor build in to the formula)
-Bodywork (We would reccommend using a high build or medium build mix ratio for this)

Once It is wetsanded (with 600 grit) , all it needs to be is wax and grease removed (we recommend our final wipe hr398), remasked and then its ready for basecoat. You can find the tds here right below the "add to cart" button so you can read more about the product: https://thespraysource.com/products/tamco-hp5300-series-primer?_pos=1&_psq=hp5300&_ss=e&_v=1.0&variant=39451074723958



NO!! Do not use any form of rust converters, metal conditioners, rust neutralizers. It is not needed with Monocoat and will react or not stick and fail.

Add a half inch barrier. Eyeing the measurement will be ok

No! These are not the same, at all!! Even if you are in a pinch, this wont work.

You can add up to 25% Monocoat reducer, tip size should be 1.8 @ 25% reduction.

Chassis is an alkyd and Monocoat is moisture cured. Very different products. Which one depends on your jobUse Monocoat for small areas, hard to reach areas and under carriages.
Chassis Black is really designed for large areas.

Monocoat is a semi gloss, but it will flatten in sun light. It will also chalk in sunlight

No, it will chalk in the sunlight. Use Chassis Black for sunlight pieces.

Hell yes! Monocoat is awesome for this type of need. Monocoat is a rust preventative and anti corrosion restoration coating.

Get as much rust off as you can by mechanical abrasion by sandblasting or sanding with 40 - 600 grit
Clean the rust as throughout as possible. Use our HR397 Wax & Grease remover
Do not use any form of rust converters, metal conditioners, rust neutralizers. it is not needed with Monocoat and will react or not stick and fail.

Yes, absolutely.

24 Hours.

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