Tamco Pot Life Extender

Tamco Pot Life Extender

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Tamco Pot Life Extender

Tamco's Pot Life Extender for Epoxy and Polyurethane Coatings
It is 100% 3,5-dimethylpyrazole, which is a chemical that can be used as a pot-life extender for epoxy and polyurethane coatings. It allows the components to be mixed together and extends the time to cure. It also prolongs the time that a mixed coating system maintains at low viscosity, letting it be applied to a surface. It deactivates the isocyanate functionality allowing for isocyanate-based systems and waterborne coatings enabling improved handling and storage. 3,5-dimethylpyrazole deblocks at lower temperatures and is a lower VOC component than other blocking agents, such as phenols and oximes.


Type of Product: Additives

OPTIONS: Pot Life Extender

Mixing Ratios : No Mixing required.





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Pot life extender is 1/4 oz (cap full) per ready to spray quart of catalyzed Tamco product. This unique product blocks the hardener from working until all solvent is out. It does NOT affect CURE TIME!! Use in very hot weather to slow down curing time to prevent solvent popping.USE ONLY in URETHANE products. Not Basecoat or epoxies.

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Tamco Pot Life Extender

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Lay Wall
Tamco Pot Life Extender

I was struggling and rushing to lay my clear on and worried about my flash timea way to much until I used pot life extender. Totally changed the way I spray, I'm not so rushed and can see my wet edge as I spray where I couldn't as much before. Total game changer.

James Warren
Tamco Pot Life Extender

Sprayed clear in heat of the day...92° ,layed down great,no die back or solvent blisters... Great stuff..james @ D.R.S.racecars

Benjamin Harrell
Tamco Pot Life Extender

I’ve only tried it in the 1000 clear so far. But it makes a big difference on a hot and/ humid day. If you use this it will make your life easier. I’ll be trying it soon on two more Tamco clears at the first sign of any blushing or dry spray. It works !