Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound - 32 oz

Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound - 32 oz - The Spray Source - Meguiar&

Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound - 32 oz

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Meguiar's M100 Pro Speed Compound

Meguiar's M100 Pro Speed Compound has cutting edge ingredients enabling it to rapidly eliminate paint defects such as oxidation, surface scratching, scuff marks, hard water spots, and bird dropping etch-marks. Meguiar's M100 Professional Pro Speed Compound cuts quickly, but leaves a finish that'll have you scratching your head in amazement. Oftentimes, M100 is capable of leaving a paint surface ready for wax!

Meguiar's M100 Professional Pro Speed Compound employs a secret weapon called SMAT, or Super Micro Abrasive Technology. SMAT uses cutting-edge abrasives that are very tiny, consistently sized, and extremely durable. If needed, M100 is able to be used for an extended period of time.


  • Fast cutting compound with advanced technology.
  • Quick removal of 1200 grit and finer sanding marks for easier polishing.
  • Works great on fresh & cured paints.
  • Bodyshop safe.
  • Apply by hand, dual action or rotary polisher.
  • Contains SMAT technology.
  • Works well in hot and cold climates\

Directions for Rotary:

  1. SHAKE WELL. For best results, apply to a clean, cool properly cured paint surface.
  2. Set rotary buffer to approximately 1200 - 1800 RPM's and work one section at a time using your favorite Wool Cutting Pad. 
  3. Apply M100 directly to the paint surface and begin working in a 2' x 2' area with overlapping passes. Buff area using light to medium pressure. Reduce pressure when compound begins to dry. Continue working until defects or sanding marks are removed. 
  4. Wipe off remaining residue with a Microfiber Madness Yellow Fellow. 
  5. For final polishing, please choose the appropriate foam pad and finishing polish. 

Professional Tip: For best results be sure to remove any compound residue off all door jamb areas before moving on to polishing the surface. Additionally, for optimum results clean your pads frequently using either a Pad Washer or Pad Cleaning Brush. 

Type of Product: Compound



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