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Lug Plugs™ Lug Seat Masking Kit

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Our soft solvent resistant Lug Plugs™, were designed by us specifically to stop liquid wraps from peeling at the lug seat due to torquing the lug nut or lug bolt.

Often times with liquid wrap products, the coating can have a slight rubbery feel. That grippy feel is enough to sometimes cause the liquid wrap on your  car's wheels to lift off the surface of the wheel and potentially causing big problems with your freshly wrapped wheels.  

Our Lug Plugs™ We're designed to fit most oem and after market wheels, and are beveled to sit neatly in the lug seat, allowing a small lip to overhang and essentially mask the lug seat area. That way you can spray your wheels as normal, then remount them on your car or truck without worrying about lifting in the lug areas. 

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