Fuji Spray MPX-30 Paint Spray Gun

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The Fuji Spray® MPX-30™ Gun has been developed to fill the gap between conventional high-pressure spray guns and HVLP. Using only medium pressure (mp) levels similar to reduced pressure (rp) spray guns, the MPX-30™ combines rapid application speed and higher transfer rates. The MPX-30™ is a general purpose spray gun perfect for any type of professional spray finishing. Versatile in terms of application and performance handling, it applies all types of coatings with ease – including high solid materials. The MPX-30™ is easy to operate, embodying the same familiar controls as any conventional high-pressure spray gun while offering many of the benefits of HVLP. The fan pattern control offers precise fan adjustment, reducing overspray and waste. The optimized air cap design results in a soft spray pattern and outstanding atomization. Faster work is ensured by the particularly wide fan and the high material flow rates. At a spray distance of 8”, the fan pattern size ranges up to 13”. The gun is compact, lightweight, and easy to handle. The ergonomic design allows the spray gun to feel comfortable in the hand for extended periods of time.
Fuji Spray® MPX technology is VOC-compliant, and ensures a transfer efficiency above 65%, as required by legislation. An added benefit is a considerable saving in paint, compared to conventional spraying equipment. Less thinning is required, allowing for the highest color match precision, high gloss and uniform paint distribution. It requires 13.8cfm @ 36psi and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Features:

  • MPX-30™ technology combines rapid application and higher transfer efficiency
  • 100% stainless steel fluid passages suitable for water-borne and solvent-based coatings
  • Perfect for any type of professional spray finishing
  • Optimized air cap design results in a soft spray pattern and outstanding atomization
  • Gravity feed compressor spray gun is installed with 1.4mm
  • Siphon feed compressor spray gun is installed with 1.7mm

What’s In The Box:

  • MPX-30™ Spray Gun (Gravity or Siphon)
  • 600cc Nylon Gravity Cup or 1 Qt Siphon Cup
  • High-Pressure Regulator Gauge
  • Wrench
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual
  • Extra 1.3mm air cap set included for gravity models
  • Extra 1.4mm air cap set included for siphon models


Most spray guns on the market install a stainless steel needle and nozzles. However, the fluid passages are often made of existing alloy gun material, which can corrode. The Fuji Spray® MPX-30™ Spray Gun features 100% stainless steel fluid passages in the gun, suitable for water-borne and solvent-based coatings. The spray gun body features a durable black electroplated finish. It was designed for full system application: solvent-based basecoats, low VOC colours or clear coat.

MPX Technology versus High Pressure

A conventional compressor spray gun achieves a high degree quality of finish, but also experiences excessive overspray and waste. Mid-Pressure (mp) can accomplish the exact same result, with the added advantage of higher transfer efficiency, reduced bounce-back, less overspray and huge material savings. The MPX-30 is an environmentally friendly spray gun.

MPX Technology versus HVLP

To qualify as HVLP, air flowing through the air cap must not exceed 10 psi. Generally speaking, the much lower velocity produces a softer, easier to control spray. This allows you to lay the paint on gently and not blast it on. Fuji MPX technology utilizes slightly more pressure than HVLP spray guns, achieving much faster application speed and higher atomization levels. The transfer efficiency rate is in excess of 65% and the quality of finish is equivalent to the best high-pressure spray finishes.