Fuji Spray LX-20

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The Fuji LX-20™ is a general purpose HVLP spray gun perfect for all types of professional spray finishing. It can handle with ease all types of coatings including high solid materials. This spray gun is designed for use in a production setting. The LX-20™ spray gun has been designed to replace conventional high pressure spray guns. It is available in gravity feed or pressure feed models. Fuji HVLP compressor spray guns are well known for higher transfer rates. Especially suited to wood finishing and any fine-finishing application. The gun is compact and lightweight – easy to handle. The ergonomic design allows the spray gun to feel comfortable in the user’s hand for extended periods of time. The LX-20™ is also easy to operate employing the same familiar controls as any conventional spray gun. The fan pattern control offers precise adjustment reducing overspray and waste. Fan pattern size is adjusted with a simple, yet effective side mounted control. At a spray distance of 8” the fan pattern size ranges up to 13”.

Fuji LX-20™ HVLP technology complies with environmental regulations for HVLP. The added benefit provides considerable savings in material compared to conventional high pressure spraying equipment. LX-20™ technology also allows for little to no dilution for most coatings. This allows for spraying finishes as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. The LX-20™ compressor spray gun offers the same benefits of HVLP as our turbine guns.

Key Features:

  • High transfer efficiency means less overspray and increased savings
  • Optimized air cap design results in soft spray pattern and outstanding atomization
  • Perfect for any type of professional spray finishing
  • 100% stainless steel fluid passages suitable for water-borne and solvent-based coating
  • Recommended 15.2cfm at 26psi
  • VOC-compliant
  • Environmentally friendly spray gun

What’s In The Box:

  • LX-20™ spray gun (pressure feed or gravity)
  • 2 extra air cap sets included (1.2mm & 1.7mm)
  • 600cc nylon gravity cup (only applicable with gravity version)
  • High-pressure regulator gauge
  • Wrench
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual