EXODUS Clearcoat Spray Paint Gun

EXODUS Clearcoat Spray Paint Gun

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EXODUS Clearcoat Spray Paint Gun

Introducing the Luma III EXODUS premium spray paint gun at an affordable price!

Our EXODUS series sprayer is designed to be ergonomic and has proven to push the industry’s boundaries for transfer efficiency and material savings. Optimized for speed, material transfer, and ease of use, the Exodus series is the ideal option for color coverage, metallic consistency, pearl coat uniformity, and obtaining the required clear coat finish.


Our EXODUS series sprayer is designed and proven to push the industry’s boundaries for transfer efficiency and material savings.

Our SunPro light attachment can be found: HERE

Optimized Pressure (OP) Technology - Our Optimized Pressure (OP) technology is the recommended option for the EXODUS series spray guns, optimizing transfer efficiency that meets and exceeds the industry requirements of (HTE) High Transfer Efficiency and (RP) Reduced Pressure technologies.

The EXODUS OP series intuitively provides better atomization at low pressure, limiting overspray/bounce back and allowing more paint to stick to the panel. The OP technology helps to produce smooth quality results that the collision and restoration markets require.

The Speed and Adjustability of the EXODUS OP series best meet the needs of each painter’s individual painting style, for example; the OP gun can be set up for a faster-moving profile and can be easily adjusted to get manufacturer-required orange peel in clear coat applications.

Complaint for both solvent and waterborne paint applications.

Atomization - The dynamic chamber of the Exodus OP achieves an air volume that exceeds most other spray guns currently available. Our Optimized Pressure technology supplies micro-fine atomization with a wide spraying pattern by supplying stable air flow to the spray gun nozzle. 


The Exodus spray paint gun. Competitive performance. Intimate painter compatibility.

If you’re looking for an affordable spray paint gun that delivers professional-level results, then the EXODUS is the budget spray gun for you!

The EXODUS spray paint gun is available in a simplified system of color coat (silver air cap / 1.3 needle) and clear coat (black air cap / 1.5 needle) with HVLP or OP (Optimized Pressure) technology.

1.5 needle size?!? Don’t let that scare you, our 1.5 OP clear gun sprays are very similar to other 1.3 reduced pressure/high transfer efficiency spray paint guns within the industry.

Optimized Pressure (OP) technology is the recommended option for the EXODUS spray paint guns.

Made in Japan.

Spray Pattern Characteristics

The Exodus OP models have the ability to achieve a micro fine particle size of 17 microns (µm) approximate. This is accomplished with large volumes of air provided by the Exodus’ Optimized Pressure air chamber. Refined atomization benefits the user by allowing for more control over color coats, blends, metallic, pearl coats and clear coat finishes.

Exodus OP spray gun atomization chart

The Exodus OP Clear Coat 1.5 provides an incredibly competitive spray pattern in both height and width against other leading brands within the industry. The Exodus series offers these features while also being one of the smallest in profile and lightweight full size spray guns available.

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