Electro-Violet Bike Paint Kit

Electro-Violet Bike Paint Kit

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This Bike Paint Kit includes everything you need to paint your wheels Electro-Violet . From the primer , basecoat, and topcoats to the optional prep and masking materials – each item has been specially put together for you in one all-inclusive bundle. You simply choose the desired color, finish (Matte, Satin or Gloss), and optional add-ons. Then we handle the rest. Doesn’t get easier than this!

About this color: is a strong violet pearl.

Details About This Kit: This is for good condition bikes only. You will need to get high build primer in addition to this kit if you are refinishing / smoothing out damage. 

This is only to be used over powder coat, paint, or aluminum frames. NOT CHROME. 

*Spraying over chrome can cause poor adhesion. Some customers have good luck with sand blasting the chrome then using adhesion promoter, but do this at your our risk*


Steps to using the kit:

  1. Take off all parts you don't want to mask or paint (usually best to strip completely to frame only)
  2. Wash your bike very well to get the grease / dirt off it. We recommend using iron x soap and a scrubber mitt.
  3. Dry your bike & then wipe down with the optional wax & grease remover (avoid getting on any rubber or plastic to avoid drying them out)
  4. Scuff the entire surface you are planning to paint with the optional scuff pad & paste until the entire finish is flat & "scratched up".
  5. Rinse with warm water and dry the frame with a clean rag & compressed air.
  6. Mask any parts you don't want to get paint on (especially important with bushings, gaskets, etc) and any other areas you don't want to get overspray on. Make sure no masking is touching the surface of the frame to avoid bridging.
  7. Wipe the entire surface with a clean microfiber & the optional wax & grease remover
  8. Shake the primer cans according to the label. Then spray 1 light coat on the entire surface of the frame wait 5 mins, then spray 1 medium wet coat on the surface.
  9. Wait 1hr after the frame is 100% dry to the touch
  10. Shake basecoat cans according to the label. Then spray 2-4 basecoats on the frame (wait 10 mins or until flashed in between coats) until the desired effect & color is achieved.
  11. Wait 30 mins after the basecoat is 100% dry to the touch
  12. Spray 2-4 wet coats or clearcoat with 10 mins or until fingerprinting (check masking) in between coats
  13. Unmask after a minimum of 30mins.
  14. Let dry 8hrs before handling them

✔ Includes all materials needed to paint your bike frame

✔ One bike Kit properly covers most frames (small to xl)

✔ Step by step video guides available

✔ TSS experts are available and ready to help via chat or phone!

    This Kit Contains The Following Products:
    • Gloss
    • (2) Electro-Violet Spray Can - Single Spray Can
    • (2) 2k High Gloss Topcoat Aerosol Spray Can | Car-Rep - Gloss
    • (2) Car-Rep 2k Epoxy Primer / Sealer Spray Can - Black
    • Matte
    • (2) Electro-Violet Spray Can - Single Spray Can
    • (2) 2K Matte Clear Topcoat Aerosol Polyurethane Spray Can | Car-Rep - Matte
    • (2) Car-Rep 2k Epoxy Primer / Sealer Spray Can - Black
    • Satin
    • (2) Electro-Violet Spray Can - Single Spray Can
    • (2) 2k Satin Topcoat Aerosol Spray Can | Car-Rep - Satin
    • (2) Car-Rep 2k Epoxy Primer / Sealer Spray Can - Black

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