DeVilbiss CT30 Wall Mounted Air Filter And Dryer

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DeVilbiss CT30 Wall Mounted Air Filter And Dryer

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DeVilbiss CT30 Wall Mounted Air Filter And Dryer

The desiccant air dryer is designed to be a point of use system. It is capable of removing dirt, water, oil, and water vapor from compressed air. It consists of a separator and desiccant cartridge. The cartridge has a housing material that acts like a coalescer and final filter.


Type of Product: Air Filter And Dryer



*The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS-1) is available upon request.




Ref. No.

Replacement Part No.


Individual Parts Req.



3 *4 5


130511 130510 130504 CT-101

Humidity Indicator (1 Humidity Indicator Paper Included) Drain (Manual)


Desiccant Cartridge (Not shown) Tank Grommet (Not shown)


1 1 1 1


Risk of personal injury. Risk of property damage.

Except as otherwise specified by the manufacturer, this product is specifically designed for compressed air service and use with any other fluid (liquid or gas) is a misapplication. For example, use with or injection of certain hazardous gases in the system (such as oxygen or liquid petroleum gas) could be harmful to the unit or result in a combustible condition that may cause fire or explosion. Manufacturer's warranties are void in the event of misapplication and manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any resulting loss.

Risk of injury. Release all air pressure from the system before servicing the system. Use only specified Camair parts.



Your dryer is completely automatic and requires only periodic draining of the water separator. Open the drain valve daily to drain off collected water. If you drain off more than a cup of water, open the drain more often.



Risk of injury. Components are under pressure. Relieve air pressure before performing any maintenance.

  1. Replace the Desiccant Cartridge when the humidity indicator turns yellow.
  2. Shut off the air compressor, lock it out in accordance with OSHA regulation and depressurize the compressed air line serving the dryer by opening the drain on the dryer.
  3. Remove the top flange.
  4. Take out the used Desiccant Cartridge and dispose of
    properly. Inspect and/or replace the bushing located on the inside of the tank at the outlet port. Be sure to press it into place before installing a new desiccant cartridge. Install new cartridge.
  5. Put DeVilbiss SSL-10 gun lube on the screw threads and reinstall the top flange on the desiccant tank, torque screws to 25-30 ft. lbs. You are now ready to place the dryer back into service.
  6. The built-in humidity indicator should turn back to green within 12 hours. If it doesn't, this means liquid water has gotten on the indicator and washed away the litmus solution that allows the indicator to change color, if this happens you will need to replace the humidity indicator with a new one.
    Risk of injury. Only use a socket wrench to remove the humidity indicator from the desiccant tank. Immediately replace the humidity indicator if damaged.


Risk of personal injury. Risk of property damage.

Risk of equipment damage! Do not install your CT Unit where it is subject to sudden depressurization cycles exceeding 20 PSIG. Quick relieving air solenoid valves, typical in some spray booths, will eventually produce desiccant dusting.

To minimize the sudden depressurization effect, replace the existing solenoid with a "slow closing solenoid valve". (One source; Automatic Switch Co.) Or, install an air adjusting valve at the existing solenoid outlet.

1. Choose a location in your existing air piping as close to the point of use, such as inside the spray booth and as far from your compressor as possible. The air entering the dryer must not exceed 100o F. You can check this by putting your hand on the compressed air line where you want to install the dryer, if the pipe is not uncomfortably hot the temperature is satisfactory. Install at a height so that the top flange can be easily removed to replace the desiccant.

2. With your air compressor shut off and locked out in accordance with OSHA regulations, and your compressed air system depressurized, install into the compressed air line. The installation of a manual bypass or a 1/2" NPT ball valve before the dryer is recommended.

3. Mount the dryer to the wall using the brackets and pipe the dryer into the air system. Do not depend on the pipe to support the dryer.

  1. If you have a pressure regulator at the same location as the dryer, it should be mounted after the dryer.

5. Complete the piping of the dryer and you are ready to enjoy moisture free, particle free and oil free compressed air at your chosen point of use application.



This product is covered by DeVilbiss' 1 Year Limited Warranty.



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