Clean Caps™ 23mm

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Our solvent resistant Clean Caps™ is a simple and cost effective way to mask your lug nuts for dipping and or painting wheels while they are still mounted to the car.

Many DIY guys do not mask their lug nuts. They do this for many reasons, but most due to the simple fact that masking lug nuts is not easy. Depending on the color you are coating your wheels with, color matched lug nuts look sloppy and lazy. It is incredibly hard to mask lug nuts while they are holding your wheel on. In most cases it would take just as long to mask your lug nuts, as it would to simply spray your wheels off your car. 

With Clean Caps™, we make it simple to mask your lug nuts, giving you a quicker and more professional looking result. They slip right on and once the coating is dry you can pull them off. 


Note ordering a quantity of 1 will be 1 Clean Cap™.

Not 1 set of Clean Caps™ 


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