The Spray Source's Vision & Background

Welcome to! Thank you for being here and caring enough to hear the story of my company. We are a privately owned - single owner small business that prides ourselves on providing high quality products at affordable prices. With an owner from the automotive paint industry we know what's lacking in the industry; a great customer experience. Because of this we provide the absolute best customer experience in the industry

I know its easy to make a broad claim like this but its hard to put the action to make it true. My team & I use this as our north star with every aspect of our website, marketing, blog, videos, sales, promotions, etc. 

Examples of our top tier customer experience:

1) We are continuously working on putting together kits to save both the professionals & DIY customers time and money.

2) We are always adding more tutorials, FAQ's, comparisons, and live Q&A videos. We want every customer to be comfortable and understand the products and processes!

3)We offer a very robust rewards program which gives back 5% of each sale to the customer, gives them points for leaving reviews or supporting our business in various ways, and even gives them birthday presents!

4) Full time customer service who take calls, texts, emails, chats, social media messages, and even comments! We are here every step of the way!

3) We repost most projects we are tagged in on social media to help promote our customers!

5) We offer regular promotions, sales, and competitions.

6) We send our professional customers leads for potential clients who want paint jobs.

About TSS's Owner

Tommy Nelson - TSS Owner

If you have spent any time on the website, there is a good chance you have seen my goofy face at least once or twice in one of the product videos. Hopefully you got some value from the videos!

A little back story on me: