Do you frequently struggle with the masking tapes you use in your automotive work? Choose Q1 Premium Masking tape if you want the best results! This tape performs amazingly well when used tape on tape, with masking paper, and with protective film. This was made to combine consistent unwinding, easy tear, and conformability. The surfaces close to the painting area can be covered with this masking tape where other masking materials cannot be used. To secure masking paper or film to the car body, this tape is frequently employed.

This product can be easily applied to all cars! This can be manually torn into short stripes that fit the most atypical surfaces for difficult applications.

Grab yours right away to take advantage of some of the fantastic features and advantages it has to offer, such as its excellent ability to conform to curved and irregular surfaces without lifting or tearing, UV resistance that can last up to three days, and its thin backing designed to leave low profile paint edges and to more easily work around corners delivering sharp and clean paint edges.

Type of Product: Masking Tape / Automotive Accessory

Q1 Premium Masking Tapes Collection:

Q1 Premium Trim Masking Tape

Q1 Premium Yellow Masking Tape 2”

Q1 Premium Yellow Masking Tape 1.5”

Q1 Premium Yellow Masking Tape .75”

Q1 Premium Foam Masking Tape

Q1 Premium Green Masking Tape 2”

Q1 Premium Green Masking Tape 1.5”

Q1 Premium Green Masking Tape .75”