This Civic Ex got some royal treatment from Get Dipped Services using our Unreleased Alpha Custom Color! Take a look at those photos, from a distance, you’ll think that the color that was sprayed on it is just a simple black only but when you look closely, you’ll see that it is not a plain black color! Our Amethyst Black is a great option for your ride if you’re looking for a simple yet stunning color that will definitely make your ride glow under the sun because of the sparkles it has and that color shifting like effect!

Installer: Get Dipped Services

Coating: Peelable Paint

Pigments needed for this look:

- Unreleased Alpha Custom Color - Amethyst Black


Like all of our Alpha Custom Color Drop-In Pigments, Amethyst Black can be used in Tamco paint or other traditional automotive paint, Autoflex Coatings, Performix Plastidip, Halo efx, DYC Proline,bed liners, and MANY other applications! Take a look at our Alpha Pearl Mixing and Uses Page for more information

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