Toxic Sunburst on ChevroletToxic Sunburst on ChevroletToxic Sunburst on ChevroletToxic Sunburst on Chevrolet

One cannot help but be enchanted by the impact of Tamco Paint's Toxic Sunburst on this classic Chevrolet. This choice of paint adds an extra layer of brilliance and depth, infusing the ride with captivating radiance. The vibrant allure of Toxic Sunburst breathes new life into the vintage beauty, ensuring it stands out wherever it goes!

Installer: Linda Beaner Toyne

Coating: Tamco Paint

Tamco Products needed for this look:

- Toxic Sunburst Custom Color

Like all of the Tamco Custom Colors, Toxic Sunburst can be topped with Tamco Clearcoat or other good UV-resistant clearcoats.This color is available in Automotive Paint, Aerosol Spray Cans & Vehicle Paint Kits as well.

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