Stellar Series “Violet” on 1967 ChevelleStellar Series “Violet” on 1967 ChevelleStellar Series “Violet” on 1967 ChevelleThis 1967 Chevelle transformation is a testament to the power of a great paint job. With the help of Tamco Paint's Stellar Series “Violet” Custom Color over HB9901, Trent Robinson was able to completely transform the look of this car. The Stellar “Violet” provided a striking purple pop on the car, while the HC-4100 clearcoat gave the car a glossy finish that made it look like it was fresh off the showroom floor. If you're considering a paint job for your classic car, be sure to consider Tamco Paint's Stellar Series!

Installer: Trent Robinson

Coating:  Tamco Paint

Tamco Products needed for this look:

- Stellar Series “Violet” Custom Color over HB9901

- DTM HP5311 Primer

- HC-895 Intercoat & Clearcoat

- HC-4100 Glamour 4:1 Clearcoat


Like all of the Tamco Custom Colors, Stellar Series “Violet” can be topped with Tamco Clearcoat or other good UV-resistant clearcoats.This color is available in Automotive Paint, Aerosol Spray Cans & Vehicle Paint Kits as well.

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