Liberty Blue on TruckLiberty Blue on TruckLiberty Blue on TruckTruck customization is not an easy task. It requires skill, expertise, and experience to achieve the desired results. This is why it is crucial to work with a professional customization company like Texas Chrome Shop. In this project, Texas Chrome Shop's team of experts worked together to create a paint job that was unique and beautiful, and the Liberty Blue from Tamco Paint played a crucial role in achieving this goal. Just look at that stunning transformation that is sure to be the envy of truck enthusiasts everywhere!

Installer: Texas Chrome Shop

Coating: Tamco Paint

Tamco Products needed for this look:

- Liberty Blue Custom Color


Like all of the Tamco Custom Colors, Liberty Blue can be topped with Tamco Clearcoat or other good UV-resistant clearcoats. This color is available in Aerosol Spray Cans & Vehicle Paint Kits as well.

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