Are you a Tesla owner that ever wanted to add a bit of pop to your ride just like this one? We got you! Try out our Diamond Pearls and see how it adds some bling and take it from good to great! Rogue Enterprises showcasing our Diamond Silver Pearl added on the factory blue color used on this newly-painted Tesla Model 3. Check out each photo to see the details of this sleek ride and Cyrus the handsome doggo. If you are not feeling the black, silver, and white colors for your ride anymore, then this is your time to shine and add our Diamond Pearls to it! 

Installer: Rogue Enterprises

Coating: Autoflex Coatings

Pigments needed for this look:

- Diamond Silver Pearl


Like all of our pearl pigments, Diamond Silver Pearl can be used in Tamco Paint or other traditional automotive paint, epoxy resin for woodworking and other art, nail polish, plastisol, Autoflex Coatings, Performix Plastidip, Halo efx, DYC Proline, waterbased airbrush paint, slime, bed liners, powder coat and MANY other applications! Take a look at our Alpha Pearl Mixing and Uses Page for more information! This color is available in Automotive Paint & Aerosol Spray Cans as well.

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