Be amazed by Stef’s Pinstripes! They've transformed this helmet into a masterpiece with their incredible craftsmanship. Using vibrant Shamrock Green from Tamco Paint they've created a stunning display of artistry. Get ready to be mesmerized by the seamless blend of technique and color with this custom project, unveiling a work of art that truly leaves a lasting impression.

Installer: Stef’s Pinstripes

Coating: Tamco Paint

Tamco Products needed for this look:

- Shamrock Green Custom Color

- Tamco HC2104 High Solids Clearcoat Kit

- Tamco HP660 Series DTA Epoxy Series Kit

Like all of the Tamco Custom Colors, Shamrock Green can be topped with Tamco Clearcoat or other good UV-resistant clearcoats. This color is available in Automotive Paint, Aerosol Spray Cans & Vehicle Paint Kits as well.

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