Tamco Flo N Go Universal Flo Additive

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Tamco Flo N Go Universal Flo Additive

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Tamco Flo N Go Universal Flo Additive

HR900 Retarder is an extra slow solvent. It can be used as a direct replacement to the reducer in your clear, primer or paint.
It's sole purpose is to slow down the flash of your products in extreme heat. It will not slow the cure, just the flash. It will allow the paint to stay open longer, and help keep a wet edge.


 Type of Product: Additives


 Mixing Ratios : No Mixing required.





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John Woolfrey
Tamco Flo N Go Universal Flo Additive

This product doesn't have a TDS sheet at the time of this review. Flo N Go does come with a printed label with simple instructions. For small repairs you may not want to apply clear coat to the entire panel. After your basecoat has been blended past your repair you spray your first coat of clearcoat just past the edge of the basecoat (or however far you want to take the clear). Your second coat of clearcoat will be applied to end a few inches past the edge of the first coat of clearcoat. After the second coat of clear (your last coat) is applied, you apply this Flo N Go blender to the wet edge of the clear. You need to mist it on and overlap the clearcoat wet edge and the old sanded clear. It will cause the clearcoat to run if you apply the Flo N Go wet. If applied wet it may also cause the clearcoat to have a fish-eye look. Flo N Go must be misted on just enough to help the wet edge flow out and flatten. It must also be applied only to your final coat of clear. If it's applied to the wet edge of the first coat of clear, when you apply your second coat of clear that second coat will fish-eye over the area where the previous Flo N Go blender was applied. This product works well if it is used properly. Apply it only as a dry mist coat. Dial down your gun fan size, the gun pressure and back off the trigger adjustment screw so barely any fluid flows out. I use a small touch-up gun with a 0.8mm or 1mm tip.