Ford Wimbledon White | M / 9A / 4775 | 1966-1990 | OEM Basecoat

Ford Wimbledon White | M / 9A / 4775 | 1966-1990 | OEM Basecoat - The Spray Source - Tamco Paint

Ford Wimbledon White | M / 9A / 4775 | 1966-1990 | OEM Basecoat

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Our OEM Matched Tamco Paint Basecoat is a 1:1 Mix ratio with our HR-13XX Series Reducer

Gallon & Quart Variants are Unreduced and need reduced 1:1 with our HR-13XX Series Reducer

4oz Variants are Pre-Reduced with our HR-13XX Series Reducer so it is Ready-To-Spray

OEM Make: Ford

OEM COLOR CODE: M / 9A / M1619 / 4775 (PPG#8378, 8734 / DuPont: 4775L)

FOUND ON:  1966 Ford Fairlane, 1966 Ford Falcon, 1966 Ford Econoline, 1966 Ford Galaxie, 1966 Ford Mustang, 1966 Ford Thunderbird, 1966 Lincoln Continental, 1966 Mercury Comet, 1967 Ford Fairlane, 1967 Ford Falcon, 1967 Ford Ford Truck, 1967 Ford Galaxie, 1967 Ford Mustang, 1967 Ford Thunderbird, 1967 Lincoln Continental, 1967 Mercury Comet, 1967 Mercury Cougar, 1968 Ford Fairlane, 1968 Ford Falcon, 1968 Ford Galaxie, 1968 Ford Mustang, 1968 Ford Thunderbird, 1968 Lincoln Continental, 1968 Mercury Comet, 1968 Mercury Cougar, 1969 Ford Fairlane, 1969 Ford Falcon, 1969 Ford Galaxie, 1969 Ford Mustang, 1969 Ford Thunderbird, 1969 Lincoln Continental, 1969 Mercury Comet, 1969 Mercury Cougar, 1970 Ford Falcon, 1970 Ford Econoline, 1970 Ford Mustang, 1970 Ford Thunderbird, 1970 Lincoln Continental, 1970 Mercury Cougar, 1971 Ford Econoline, 1971 Ford Mustang, 1971 Ford Pinto, 1971 Ford Thunderbird, 1971 Lincoln Continental, 1971 Mercury Knight, 1972 Ford Econoline, 1972 Ford Mustang, 1972 Ford Pinto, 1972 Ford Thunderbird, 1972 Lincoln Continental, 1972 Mercury Cougar, 1973 Ford Econoline, 1973 Ford Mustang, 1973 Ford Pinto, 1973 Ford Thunderbird, 1973 Lincoln Continental, 1973 Mercury Cougar, 1974 Ford Econoline, 1974 Mercury Cougar, 1975 Ford Bronco, 1975 Ford Ranger, 1977 Ford Bronco, 1978 Ford Bronco, 1979 Ford Bronco, 1980 Ford Bronco, 1981 Ford Bronco, 1981 Ford Ranger, 1982 Ford Ranger, 1983 Ford Ranger, 1984 Ford Truck, 1985 Ford Truck, 1986 Ford Truck, 1987 Ford Truck, 1988 Ford Truck, 1989 Ford Truck, 1990 Ford Truck


ALSO NAMED AS: White, Arctic White, Polar White

*DISCLAIMER : Our OEM paint is recommended for overall paint applications only. We do NOT GUARANTEE a perfect match to existing OEM paint.

The smallest amount of OEM paint we can make is 1 Quart*


  Type of Product: Basecoat


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This is an Acrylic Urethane Basecoat.
Yes, this is a basecoat paint which needs a high quality clearcoat sprayed over top of it for durability and shine. We recommend HC-4100 or any of the other Tamco Clearcoats on our website.
Yes - our paints work great on calipers, engine blocks, and valve covers!
You have an 8hr recoat window. If its over 8hrs - scuff with a gray scuff pad , spray another coat of base, then continue as normal with the project.
We would recommend you either adding Diamond pearls into the base coat or ideally spray our Diamond pearl midcoats over top. Over top will give you the most effect while also not changing the color as much as mixing it. Also mixing it in you will need quite a bit of pearl to be able to see it.

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