🔥Midnight Purple 3 - Alpha Custom Color 🔥

Show casing all 3 application types of MNP3 
👇Check out this video showing off the color in DipYourCar PlastiDip👇

Whether your application is Liquid wrap (peelable paint) , Traditional Automotive Paint, or DIY small projects - We have you covered!

👉Our Liquid Wrap Pigment is what DYC used in the above video which is a drop-in pigment used for all peelable coatings or clear bedliners.

👉Our Traditional Paint Basecoat is used on automotive or larger project applications that are sprayed with a HVLP style spray gun or turbine.

👉Our Aerosol Spray Cans are used for small projects that you aren't using a spray gun set up to complete! This can be for small DIY projects or even customizing your tools!

The Same Midnight Purple 3 color that your inner JDM fan LOVES.. at a discounted price! This is our version, which is a close match but not 100% match to Nissan LX0. Check out more photos below