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Wash & Dry Kit

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The essentials for washing and drying your car!
If you wash your own car the Wash and Dry Kit is perfect for you. This kit includes the bare essentials for washing your; a 32oz bottle of HyperMint Wash car wash soap, a microfiber wash mitt, and a waffle weave drying towel.

HyperMint Wash is a high sudsing car wash soap with an invigorating blend of mint aromas. HyperMint wash will remove dirt and dust and leave your car clean. The included microfiber wash mitt is perfect for soaping up your car with HyperMint Wash. The soft microfibers will not scratch your paint or leave any swirl marks. After you’ve soaped up your car with HyperMint Wash and rinsed your car off it’s time for drying. The Waffle Weave Drying Towel measures a massive 24” by 36” and quickly dries off your car. Unlike regular towels, ultra-absorbent Waffle Weave Towel is designed specifically for drying and allows you to quickly dry your car without leaving streaks behind