LumaIII Aurora Led Spray Gun Light Attachment

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Due to the custom nature of this product, there is some time a 2-5 day processing windows, allowing LUMAIII to fulfill the order.

The Aurora is the world’s first & only LED spray gun attachment that brings new light to the definition of professionalism.
The Aurora produces a clean, precise, and concentrated color-correct light source that enables the painter to amend even the most problematic painting environments.


– Built from our new C12 chemical resistant composites
– Chemical resistant glass lenses
– Ergonomic design
– Sealed off with epoxy – making it durable, lightweight (under 3 ounces) and lacquer/solvent resistant. Outside can be cleaned just like you clean your spray gun
– Color Correct LEDs-Emits light at 4500 Kelvin
– 400 Lumens of light spread
– The Aurora includes our Luma III power system (2 rechargeable batteries and a charger). International orders receive only one battery due to air shipment restrictions. Each fully charged battery will run the Aurora for over 2 hours


Conveniently gives the painter the ability to accurately visualize base coat coverage, metallic/pearl coat lay down and the wetness/atomization of their clear coat all while in the process of painting in any spray environment.
– Visualization of wetness during clear coat application heavily assists in the reduction of orange peel in the finished product. Thus less buffing time and a reduction in material usage.

First-ever visual recognition of the center of your spray – Nozzle from spray gun produces faint shadow representing center of spray pattern.
– Increase in overlap efficiency means less material waste.

Light spread – The Aurora light spreads evenly for up-close visualization, providing spray booth quality illumination in front of the painter in any painting environment. Eliminating shadows and dim places, the Aurora allows the painter to see the coverage as the paint is being applied.

Convenient color matching capabilities – the Aurora operates at 4500 Kelvin, which is relative to light from the Sun hitting the Earth at around noon. The Aurora allows painters to more accurately visualize panel blends while in the process of painting with the added benefit for convenient color matching without leaving the spray area.



Every Lumaiii light comes with a 30 day manufacturer's warranty from purchase date. **********International order will receive only one battery due to international shipping regulations.*********

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