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Grease Lightning Degreaser

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Detergent & Degreaser!
Quickly dissolve grease, oil, and dirt
Just spray on and rinse off
Perfect for engine bays, wheel wells and undercarriages
Cleans interior spots and stains on cloth seats, door panels, and carpet
Refreshing lemon scent
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*
Quickly dissolve stubborn grease, oil, and dirt from a variety of surfaces. Grease Lighting is a versatile detergent degreaser formulated with today's environment in mind. With a refreshing lemon scent, Grease Lightning is a highly effective blend of detergents, wetting agents, corrosion preventatives, and water softeners. Perfect for when you are washing your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle Grease Lighting performs well in hold, cold, and even hard water. Producing a medium foam and combined with a high pH, Grease Lighting is fast acting. With its powerful blend of surfactants Grease Lighting is ideal for dissolving grease, oil, and dirt deposits.

Grease Lighting is ideal for use on a variety of surfaces including cloth and carpet interiors, engines and engine bays, undercarriages, wheel wells, truck beds, door jams, and anywhere else dirt hides. Use Grease Lighting while you are washing your car or between washes. Not just for use on your vehicle, Grease Lightning can also be used to clean machinery and other surfaces in your home or garage. For simple cleaning just spray or brush Grease Lighting onto the surface to be cleaned and rinse. For heavy cleaning allow Grease Lightning to soak on the surface for up to 15 minutes, scrubbing with a brush if necessary, and finish with a rinse.

Grease Lighting is made in the USA and can be combined with Bug Delete to remove pesky deposits on your vehicle. Tested and fully compatible with vehicles coated with PlastiDip or AutoFlex. No ne