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Foam Applicator Pad

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Evenly Apply Dressings, Waxes, & Polishes!
Perfect for waxing, polishing, or applying interior or exterior dressings
Hexagonal pattern to evenly spread product, avoiding waste
Soft foam will not scratch surfaces
Measurements: Length 4.75" , Width 2.25", Thickness 1.75"
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*
The best dressing or wax is useless without the right applicator to apply it. Our foam applicators are perfect for applying dressings and conditioners on your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. Use to apply products like Tire Love, Cross Dressing, and other interior or exterior dressings. These versatile applicators can also be used to apply waxes and polishes such as Daily Defense Wax, Precision Polish, and others. The unique hexagon design provides even distribution, allowing you to use less product during detailing sessions. Made from soft foam, these applicators will not scratch any surface, even the most delicate ones. A high density foam handle allows you to easily grip the applicator in the palm of your hand.

Perfect for use on interior and exterior surfaces including dashboards, door panels, leather, headlights, plastic and rubber trim, tires, and of course painted surfaces. Just apply a small amount of product to the applicator and spread evenly on the surface using either circular or sweeping motions. When you're finished just rinse the applicator with water and allow it to air dry. In order to avoid contamination we recommend using only one wax or dressing per applicator.